2021 wrap-up: baba und foi net!

What a ride.

This year has been both extremely rewarding and incredibly frustrating, sometimes both in very short succession.

I’ve finally finished my PhD dissertation and – between movement data analysis and open source and open data science talks in general – I’ve been counting over ten invited talks and conference presentations, including keynotes at FOSS4G and GI_Forum. Unfortunately, all of these were limited to virtual experiences and therefore often lacked much of the social interaction off stage that usually makes giving talks rewarding. But FOSS4G2021 was a refreshing exception to this rule:

One of the rare in-person events I attended this year was the Futurezone 2020 Award ceremony which – of course – had been postponed to 2021. The award took me completely by surprise:

This year’s focus on talks meant that there haven’t been many blog posts with original content this year, an unfortunate situation I hope to improve in 2022.

Without wanting to promise to much, there are quite a few interesting MovingPandas collaborations in the works that will hopefully result in exciting new features, demos, and tutorials:

On the plus side, with so many virtual events – from conferences to community events such as QGIS Open Days – much of the content formerly exclusively available to participants on-site have been recorded. Some worthwhile accounts and playlists include:

Happy streaming, happy new year, and – if you can – get vaccinated!

I’ll be having a nerd party.

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