Customized Attribute Editing in QGIS 1.5

QGIS 1.5 Attribute Edit Dialog

QGIS 1.5 Attribute Edit Dialog

Creating new datasets can be a tedious task. To make things easier, QGIS enables users to customize the editing dialogue.

Users can choose from one of the following editing widgets:

  • Line edit <default> – a simple edit box
  • Classification – displays a combo box with the values used for “unique value” classification (symbology tab)
  • Range – allows numeric values within a given range, the widget can be either slider or spin box
  • Unique values
    • editable – displays a line edit widget with auto-completion suggesting values already used in the attribute table
    • not editable – displays a combo box with already used values
  • File name – adds a file chooser dialog
  • Value map – shows a combo box with predefined description/value items
  • Enumeration <postgres only> – a combo box with values that can be used within the columns type
  • Immutable – read-only
  • Hidden – makes the attribute invisible for the user
  • Checkbox – a checkbox with customizable representation for both checked and unchecked state
  • Text edit – an edit box that allow multiple input lines
  • Calendar – a calendar widget to input dates
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