The “Movement data in GIS” series discusses all things related to working with movement data aka. trajectories in GIS, covering concepts, libraries, desktop GIS, databases, and big data technology.

Here are all posts in chronological order:

  1. Issues & ideas 
  2. Visualizing individual trajectories
  3. Visualizing massive trajectory datasets (extra: Trajectory generalization code & sample data)
  4. Variations in movement over time
  5. Current research topics
  6. Updates from AGILE2017
  7. Animated trajectories with TimeManager
    Extra: GPS Trajectories with error ellipses
  8. Edge bundling for flow maps
  9. Trajectory data models
  10. Open tools for AIS tracks from
  11. FOSS4G2017 talk recordings
  12. Why you should be using PostGIS trajectories
  13. Timestamp labels for trajectories
  14. Updates from GI_Forum 2018
  15. Writing a PL/pgSQL stop detection function for PostGIS trajectories
  16. Towards pure Python trajectories using GeoPandas
  17. Spatial analysis of GeoPandas trajectories
  18. Creating evaluation data for trajectory predictions
  19. Splitting trajectories by date
  20. Trajectools v1 released!
  21. New interactive notebook to get started with MovingPandas
  22. Movement data in GIS and the AI hype
  23. Trajectories in context
  24. MovingPandas hands-on tutorials
  25. Moving object databases
  26. Towards a template for exploring movement data
  27. Extracting trip origin clusters from MovingPandas trajectories
  28. Open geospatial tools for movement data exploration
  29. Power your web apps with movement data using mobilitydb-sqlalchemy
  30. Synchronized trajectory animations with QGIS temporal controller

Relevant source code repositories:

My scientific publications on this topic:


  1. Nicolai Jorgensen said:

    Hey Anita. Have you seen this project? It would be interesting to be able to do this in QGIS as well.

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