Movement data in GIS #24: MovingPandas hands-on tutorials

Last week, I had the pleasure to give a movement data analysis workshop at the OpenGeoHub summer school at the University of Münster in Germany. The workshop materials consist of three Jupyter notebooks that have been designed to also support self-study outside of a workshop setting. So you can try them out as well!

All materials are available on Github:

  • Tutorial 0 provides an introduction to the MovingPandas Trajectory class.
  • Tutorials 1 and 2 provide examples with real-world datasets covering one day of ship movement near Gothenburg and multiple years of gull migration, respectively.

Here’s a quick preview of the bird migration data analysis tutorial (click for full size):

Tutorial 2: Bird migration data analysis

You can run all three Jupyter notebooks online using MyBinder (no installations required).

Alternatively or if you want to dig deeper: installation instructions are available on

The OpenGeoHub summer school this year had a strong focus on spatial analysis with R and GRASS (sometimes mixing those two together). It was great to meet @mdsumner (author of R trip) and @edzerpebesma (author of R trajectories) for what might have well been the ultimate movement data libraries geek fest. In the ultimate R / Python cross-over,  0_getting_started.Rmd

Both talks and workshops have been recorded. Here’s the introduction:

and this is the full workshop recording:

This post is part of a series. Read more about movement data in GIS.

  1. Paul A Mallas said:

    Just found you movingpandas module – great stuff! I thought I would mention a module called nvector ( it is vector approach to locating things on the earth’s surface and is more robust calculating things like distances using same the haversine equation. All the best.

  2. Andrew Parnell said:

    This is really great! I’ll be re-using the ship tutorial for sure!

    • Awesome! I’d love to see what you come up with.

  3. Agnieszka said:

    That sounds great :)

    • Thank you Agnieszka! If you give it a try, let me know how it goes.

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