QGIS Now Supports Non-spatial Tables!

Great news everyone: Since revision r14172, QGIS supports non-spatial tables! This means you can finally load your CSV files directly into QGIS and work with them, e.g. use “Join by attribute”.

Loading the CSV file is performed using “Add Vector layer”. (Yes, the terminology is a little confusing here.) The resulting layer will be shown in the legend list and the content can be view via attribute table.

Great work Marco!

  1. Yes, I can load non-spatial tables to my TOC and open them. But I see no way to join them to a layer except for saving the result as new layer. Am I right or have I been missing something?

    (using QGIS version r14417)

  2. Edwin Liava'a said:

    You can also use Vector > Data Management Tools > Join Attributes to connect to a .DBF non-spatial data table

  3. Francois said:

    Hi, is there an option for doing this with excel / access too?



    • Edwin Liava'a said:

      Yes, export or save excel/access table in .DBF format. Then use Vector > Data Management Tools > Join Attributes of the spatial layer to the tabular .BDF

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