More Tools for QGIS with MMQGIS

MMQGIS is a set of Python plugins for manipulating vector map layers in Quantum GIS. […] MMQGIS does offer some useful tools missing from native QGIS or common plugin sets …

Labels Layer example

Labels Layer example

MMQGIS currently contains the following tools:

  • Attributes Export to CSV File
  • Attribute Join from CSV File
  • Color Map (Well, that’s redundant now and probably better implemented in core QGIS.)
  • Create Grid Layer
  • Create Label Layer
  • Geocode from Google
  • Geocode from Street Layer
  • Gridify
  • Hub Distance
  • Merge Layers
  • Select
  • Sort
  • Text to Float
  • Voronoi Diagram

The project homepage is located at


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