QGIS “Delimited Text Layer” now Supports WKT!

A great enhancement has been added to “Delimited Text” plugin today. It allows the use of a geometry column formatted as well known text (WKT), as an alternative to using x and y columns to define point features.


To view a delimited text file as layer, the text file must contain:

  1. A delimited header row of field names. This must be the first line in the text file.
  2. The header row must contain an X and Y field or a Well Known Text (WKT) field. These fields can have any name.
  3. The WKT field must be in standard format.

Example of a valid text file with a WKT field

1|POINT(172.0702250 -43.6031036)
2|POINT(172.0702250 -43.6031036)
3|POINT(172.1543206 -43.5731302)
4|POINT(171.9282585 -43.5493308)
5|POINT(171.8827359 -43.5875983)

Update: Tim has posted a video tutorial: Video tutorial #2: Delimited Text Plugin

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