Advanced Layer Styles in QGIS

New symbology has been around for quite a while now, but the last weeks have seen some great new additions to this functionality. Let’s have a look at what can be achieved:

Arrow styles

Using ‘Marker Placement’ options in ‘Marker Line’,  we can now create fancy arrows pointing in or against line direction.

Arrow style for line layers using 'Marker Lines' and specialized marker placement

Rails style

Using ‘Marker Line’, we can also create nice looking railway styles. The ‘sleepers’ are created using vertical line markers at certain intervals.

Rail style with 'Marker Line' at certain interval

Polygon styles

Besides normal  and SVG polygon fill styles, new symbology now offers centroid and outline styles. Outline styles offer all options found in line style dialog (simple, marker and line decoration).

Fun polygon style using fill, outline and centroid layer

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  1. Ryan said:

    I am very excited about these improvements. They’re very important for symbology on geologic maps!

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