Browsing Spatial Data with QGIS Browser

QGIS trunk now comes with a separate tool called “QGIS Browser”. It enables the user to browse through all spatial data files on the system as well as all WMS configured in QGIS. Both files and WMS layers are listed in a tree widget on the left side while metadata, attributes and a preview can be seen on the right.

WMS preview in QGIS Browser

This is a great way for example to check through all layers of a WMS fast and without having to go through the “Add WMS Layer” dialog in QGIS all the time.

  1. Howard Yamaguchi said:

    I just downloaded the trunk QGIS 1.8 (907f5c1), but I can’t seem to find the QGIS Browser. There’s a plug-in called “File Browser,” but it doesn’t quite look like what you show. I was wondering if you could show us where to find the QGIS Browser… Thank you! — Howard Yamaguchi

    • underdark said:

      Using OSGeo4W installer, you’ll find the shortcut on your desktop or in your application list under OSGeo4W. In Ubuntu, if you use nightly builds, you have to run qbrowser from command line.

      • Howard Yamaguchi said:

        Got it, thanks! The Desktop was the last place I would have looked… I need to clean it out! :)

      • That’s Huge. A week ago the raster legend and now a data explorer! QGIS is becoming a real complete and professional software!
        Thanks a lot for the info!

  2. Patrick said:

    Very nice tool indeed.
    Any ideas why the browser can connect to my wms server but qgis itself gives me the following error?

    • underdark said:

      Hi Patrick,
      Just tick the two checkboxes off. Worked for me when they were off.

  3. I just installed qgis via OSGeo4W but can not find de qbrowser anywhere.
    So how can i get it?


    • underdark said:

      Did you install QGIS 1.7.3 or QGIS Trunk? It might be that QGIS Browser is only shipped with Trunk. You can install it via “advanced” install in OSGeo4W.

      • Okay I may be a dummy on Qgis, but where can i find the installation version of qgis Trunk ?

      • underdark said:

        Use Advanced Install (in OSGeo4W installer) to install the qgis-dev package from the Desktop section.

  4. Ryan Garnett said:

    Is there any plans for making the QBrowser a stand alone app with its own installer? I have a few clients and users that are non-GIS users, so having them go through the osGeo4W process would be limiting. But they want to be able to look at WMS maps and add other data for QAQC purposes.


    • underdark said:

      Hi Ryan,

      QGIS 1.8 release is currently being prepared. I would expect QBrowser to be included in the QGIS stand-alone installer but probably not with its own installer. To make sure, please contact the QGIS mailing list.

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