A Rainbow Gradient for QGIS Vectors

Here’s a rainbow gradient for use with QGIS “Categorized” or “Graduated” vector renderer:

<!DOCTYPE qgis_style>
<qgis_style version="0">
    <colorramp type="gradient" name="rainbow">
      <prop k="color1" v="250,8,8,255"/>
      <prop k="color2" v="92,11,122,255"/>
      <prop k="stops" v="0.3;237,244,25,255:0.5;46,155,45,255:0.66;29,18,122,255:0.82;152,6,130,255"/>

(Save as .xml and import using QGIS Style Manager.)

I’ll put it on my QGIS Resources Github repository too. Soon.

  1. pvanb said:

    Nice, thanks

  2. sale said:

    Nice :-)
    Could you please explain the meaning of the various elements and content inside ? Thanks!

    • It’s colors and positions within the gradient (between 0 and 1). But it’s not necessary to know that because gradients can be created with a nice GUI from within QGIS Style Manager.

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