Top10 QGIS Planet posts 2014

It’s the end of December and time to recap 2014. Therefore, I decided to have a look at what this year has brought us. There were plenty of great posts for both casual and power users as well as developers. Here is my pick of the top 10 posts from the QGIS Planet blog aggregator.

  1. Tons of colour improvements! (Nyall Dawson)
  2. The QGIS Field calculator is dead. Long live the Field calculator bar (Nathan Woodrow)
  3. Why QGIS Class Names Start with Qgs (Gary Sherman)
  4. Atlas Previews (Nyall Dawson)
  5. QGIS atlas on non geometry tables (Nathan Woodrow)
  6. Gradient Fills (Nyall Dawson)
  7. What are all these QGIS file types? Why do I need them (Nathan Woodrow)
  8. Getting Started Writing QGIS Python Plugins (Peter Wells)
  9. QGIS Layer Tree API (Martin Dobias)
  10. Shapeburst fill styles (Nyall Dawson)

More great features and posts are sure to come next year. For example, Nyall is currently running a campaign on Kickstarter to add Live Layer Effects such as drop shadow effects to QGIS. Please support it if you can.

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for this post. Unfortunately, the link of the point 2 does not work !


    • Thanks for letting me know. The link should be fixed now.

      • Yes, It Works !
        Thank you

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