Get your QGIS merchandise while it’s hot!

Since the 2.8 release is done, the QGIS team has been busy with a small side project: setting up a series of shops for fans of QGIS. Right now, the following shops are available:

North America

There is a US and a Canadian shop. Additionally, there is also the possibility to design your own products (US, Canada).



There’s also a series of European shops, for example for the UK, Germany, and France. There are more, if Spreadshirt has a site for your country, there’s probably a QGIS shop too.


Thanks to Nathan for pointing out the Australian shop!

For each product sold, the QGIS project receives around $3 (minus applicable fees) which will go directly towards improving your favorite GIS.

    • Thanks Nathan! I’ve updated the post to include the link.

  1. Anita, we can produce qgis shirts for fans in Norway, Denmark and the Africa ;)

    • Thank you for the offer! I think Spreadshirt covers Norway and Denmark as well. I’m in no position to pick additional shops for uncovered areas but please feel free to contact the QGIS team and ask.

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