Data exploration with Data Plotly for QGIS3

Data Plotly is a new plugin by Matteo Ghetta for QGIS3 which makes it possible to draw D3 graphs of vector layer attribute values. This is a huge step towards making QGIS a one stop shop for data exploration!

Data Plotly adds a new panel where graphs can be configured and viewed. Currently, there are nine different plot types:

The following examples use tree cadastre data from the city of Linz, Austria.

Scatter plots with both two and three variables are supported. After picking the attributes you want to visualize, press “Create plot”.

If you change some settings and press “Create plot” again, by default, the new graph will be plotted on top of the old one. If you don’t want that to happen, press “Clean plot canvas” before creating a new plot.

The plots are interactive and display more information on mouse over, for example, the values of a box plot:

Even aggregate expressions are supported! Here’s the mean height of trees by type (deciduous L or coniferous N):

For more examples, I strongly recommend to have a look at the plugin home page.

  1. Łukasz said:

    Great plugin! Thanks!

  2. Yusuf said:

    cool, i love it

  3. plzlol said:

    This looks amazing !
    Any info on ETA for 3.00 ? January or later ? I found out that it’s currently lacking plugins from 2.18, they need to be rewritten for the new version or it’s just the repository that is not updated to include previous plugins ? (like openlayers for example)

  4. Nicolai Jørgensen said:

    Does it work on osx?

  5. Nicolai Jørgensen said:

    on the new QGIS 3.0 on osx you will have to run “sudo python3.6 -m pip install plotly” if the module loading fails after install

    • Thanks for sharing, Nicolai!

  6. v.ram said:

    What are the requirements for live updates to work ? If the layer is receiving data via an http connection, how can one trigger automatic updates of the layer, and its corresponding plot ?

  7. v.ram said:

    Does watch csv file work ok on QGIS 3.2 ? I am not able to get the layer to update automatically. thanks for any pointers.

    • Works for me in the map context but haven’t tested with DataPlotly. If you encounter issues with the plugin or have feature requests, I recommend getting in touch with the plugin developer using the plugin issue tracker

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