QGIS SpatiaLite Manager

SpatiaLite Manger in QGIS 1.5

SpatiaLite Manager connected to example database (additional data from Natural Earth)

SpatiaLite Manager is a plugin for QGIS for managing spatial data in SpatiaLite databases. It’s based on the PostGIS Manager plugin that provides equal functionality for PostGIS.

In the database view, all tables are listed and it’s easy to distinguish between tables, views and spatial tables of different geometry types. On the right, different tabs show table meta data, table and a map preview for geometry tables.

Additionally, there is an SQL window that allows execution of statements from inside QGIS.

While there’s certainly room for additional functions, this is a great start and facilitates working with SpatiaLite databases considerably. Possible enhancements could be:

  • Functionality to create new layers from within SpatiaLite Manager (now only available through “Add new layer”).
  • SPIT-like importer for shapefiles
  1. Hi underdark,
    your blog is really good!

    A question: where is in QGIS the SpatiaLite Manager?

    I’m using QGIS 1.6 for Windows.

    Thank you,


    • underdark said:

      Hi Andrea,
      To install SpatiaLite Manager:
      1. Open Python Plugin Installer
      2. In “Options” tab check “Show all plugins, even those marked as experimental”
      3. Search for “SpatiaLite”

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