FOSS4G 2010 List of Selected Presentations

FOSS4G 2010 conference in Barcelona is coming closer and closer. Have a look at this year’s presentations. Presentations are held on a variety of topics including:

Web Mapping

  • Web Mapping Performance Shootout
  • Web Map Printing with GeoExt
  • Printing in web mapping application: MapFish print module
  • GeoExt and MapFish Client components – how to migrate
  • Where’s MapFish going?
  • A typification of Open Source web mapping client software and frameworks
  • GeoServer CSS – Mapping in Style
  • GeoServer cartographic rendering: new features for map makers
  • Graphical style editing with Styler: Make a basemap without seeing SLD
  • WMS Inspector: a Firefox add-on with tools for working with Web Map Services
  • Performance and statistical analysis of WMS servers
  • Adding custom search engines to OpenLayers with OpenSearch ‘geo’
  • What You Type Is What You See: Comparing two web-based open source approaches to display the results of spatial SQL queries
  • Open Source & Online Tools for Old Maps
  • OpenStreetMap-in-a-Box – A Ready-Made Highly Configurable Map Server
  • MapProxy -An accelerating proxy for web map services
  • TileSeeder; a new tile management tool
  • TileCache, GeowebCache and MapProxy – a technical and usability comparison
  • Developing Desktop-like Web GIS Applications with HTML and JavaScript
  • Squeeze: Configuring MapServer and KML to Get The Most Out Of Google Earth
  • PostLBS – Universal WebAPI Platform for Visualizing Geospatial Analysis–Routing, Geocoding, Thematic Mapping and More!
  • Implementing Open Source Tile Caching in a Large Scale US Army Project
  • OpenLayers’ Future
  • Performance Considerations In OpenLayers Based Web Mapping
  • Putting things together: Geonetwork opensource, OpenLayers, GeoExt and MapFish under the roof of Drupal CMS – Geoportal RO as an example
  • MapServer Project Status
  • Hidden features and useful tips for MapServer powerusers
  • Raster data support in GeoServer and GeoTools: recent achievements, unsolved issues and future developments


  • GeoServer WPS: an integrated, extensible processing service
  • 52º North WPS framework with ArcGIS geoprocessing support – Open Source solution meets closed source software
  • ZOO Project: The powerful WPS Platform
  • Compliance Testing of Open Source software for Web Processing Services
  • Introducing deegree 3 WPS
  • EnviModel: scientific workflows and WPS geoprocessing for climate change
  • Hybrid Cloud Computing for FOSS4G

Training & Education

  • Using Open Source Software in GIS Training and Education
  • Interactive METEOSAT: Educational platform for meteorological applications entirely developed with FLOSS software
  • Why Schools must use FOSS4G

Sensor Web

  • Building a New Generation of Sensor Web Implementations for Hydrology
  • Performance of the 52º North SOS in a real application environment
  • Comparison of SOS-Servers: 52°North, UMN and deegree
  • SOS vs. WFS – Coupling 52° North’s Sensor Observation Service and Geoserver‘s Web Feature Service
  • The New Time Series Toolbox – Next Generation of Sensor Web and Time Series Processing
  • istSOS: Sensor Observation Service in Python
  • How to Discover Sensors in the Sensor Web?


  • Mobile Augmented Reality using FOSS
  • Vertical Datums: Introduction and Software Review
  • Building a consistent and transparent legal and policy framework for spatial data
  • ecoRelevé: An open source response to the biodiversity crisis
  • GeoSocial, a tool for geospatial analysis and data mining of social networks
  • Real-time position analysis during soccer matches
  • Comparison of Open Source Virtual Globes
  • deegree project report: past, present, future
  • From the crowd sourcing to the institutional sourcing: a way to cooperate between regional and local administration
  • Gesopatial Desktop Comparison
  • Neo4j Spatial – backing a GIS with a true graph database
  • Bridging the Gap Between Open Source Tools and Proprietary Data Sources
  • Open source Geospatial Business Intelligence in action with GeoMondrian and SOLAPLayers!
  • Protect your GIS
  • Introducing OpenScales
  • OSSIM – advanced open source remote sensing
  • State of the art of FOSS4G for topology and network analysis
  • Bringing the raster processing algorithms of the Orfeo Toolbox Monteverdi in QGIS
  • A geospatial data collection system for organisations
  • GeoREST: Open Web Access to Public Geodata Based on Atom Publishing
  • Distributed Spatial Indexing in the Cloud
  • Integrating SEXTANTE and GRASS
  • GeoCat Bridge – One click data publishing
  • Semantic Web approach for thematic structuring of geographic objects
  • Semantic search in OGC Catalog Services for the Web
  • BeETLe project: a free geospatial ETL tool
  • GeoKettle: A powerful open source spatial ETL tool
  • Geomajas: new kid on the block


  • The State of OSGeo
  • International Collaboration on the OSGeo4W
  • OSGeo:Open Source Projects and Communities
  • The OGC and its participatory processes: OGCnetwork, open WG, regional Fora and the collaboration with OSGeo

Mobile & 3D GIS

Inspire & SDIs

  • OpenLayers: SOS and INSPIRE
  • State of Ingres geospatial 2010
  • INSPIRE Geoportal a platform for INSPiRE services
  • Implementing INSPIRE with FOSS4G: a Success Story
  • GeoNetwork opensource – The geospatial metadata catalogue
  • Implementation of ISO and OGC (INSPIRE) metadata standards – MEDARD (FOSS) metadata editor and Internet Geoinformation Metadata Platform (IPMGeo)
  • Authentication and authorization management to OGC services with GeoShield: improvements from FOSS4G 2009
  • License and Permission-based access to OGC Web Services with 52°North
  • Deploying and securing Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) with GISpatcher
  • Metadata Reloaded – How to profit from INSPIRE
  • GeoNode Architecture: Wrangling $100 million worth of open source software to make SDI building a walk in the park

PostGIS & PGRouting

  • Shortest path search for real road networks with pgRouting
  • An extension of PGRouting library functions for visibility-graph-based course calculations in a Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS)
  • Tips for the PostGIS Power User
  • Running long and complex processes with PostGIS
  • PostGIS meets the third dimension
  • Introducing PostGIS WKT Raster: Seamless raster/vector operations in a spatial database
  • PostGIS WKT Raster. An Open Source alternative to Oracle GeoRaster
  • The State of PostGIS
  • Moving from Oracle/ArcGIS to PostGresql/PostGIS

Other Geodatabases

  • Geospatial Indexing with MongoDB
  • GeoCouch: A spatial index for CouchDB
  • Beyond PostGIS – New developments in Open Source Spatial Databases
  • SpatiaLite, the Shapefile of the future?

GIS Data

Applied GIS & Use Cases

  • A WebGIS application to monitor Road Trafic
  • GeoServer, GeoTools, GeoBatch: relying on the “usual suspects” for supporting operational Meteorology and Oceanography
  • Building the Digital Observatory for Protected Areas on an Open Source Framework
  • Open-source Earthquake and Hydrodynamic Modelling
  • Open Environmental Services Infrastructure
  • Case Study: Upgrading Guatemala’s SDI portal to a GeoNode
  • Proprietary to FOSS: MapServer as a key component in the map distribution infrastructure of the Norwegian SDI
  • Applied SDI in Germany – Complying with INSPIRE
  • Coming Full Circle: Archaeology and Open Source GIS, Past, Present and Future
  • Open Government, Open Data, Open Architecture and Open Source Software GIS Policy for U.S. Army Installation Management: 2010
  • Operational use of the Orfeo Tool Box for the Venus Mission
  • Enhancing the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS) with Open Source Software
  • ArchaeoloGIS: OSGIS in Archaeological Research
  • The World Meteorological Oganization Information System
  • Introduction of flood evacuation route search system using QGIS, PostGIS, GRASS and PgRouting

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