Visualizing PostGIS Queries in QGIS using RT Sql Layer Plugin

Have you ever wondered how to comfortable visualize PostGIS queries? Meet “RT Sql Layer” a powerful and comfortable QGIS plugin that allows building and visualizing queries on your PostGIS data.

RT Sql Layer comes with a graphic query builder:

RT Sql Layer Query Builder dialog

It allows saving/loading of queries to speed up your work flow.

The query results will be loaded as a new layer:

Loaded query layer

RT Sql Layer is available through Faunalia Plugin Repository.

For another great example on what can be achieved with this plugin, read Carson Farmer’s post on “pgRouting, OpenStreetMap, and QGIS” where he describes how to build your own routing database and visualize routing results in QGIS with RT Sql Layer.

More on RT Sql Layer: How to create Point Layers from x/y Data on the fly with PostGIS and QGIS

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