Calculating Shortest Path in QGIS Using RoadGraph Plugin

Today, Alexander Bruy announced a new QGIS plugin called RoadGraph. It is a C++ plugin that calculates the shortest path between two points on any polyline layer (e.g. Openstreetmap shapefiles).

More information can be found at GIS-Lab.

Binary files are available for Windows and Linux:

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    • underdark said:

      Thanks! I updated the post.
      Great work!

  1. Ali Khamis said:

    plugin is not appearing in plugin manager..
    What should I do..? I have put the dll in the plugins folder but it is not showing up.. similarly the python code is also not showing the plugin.. I have Qgis 4.4

    • underdark said:

      The plugin requires QGIS 1.6 or higher. There is no QGIS 4.4.

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