FOSSGIS2011 – After Action Report

Heidelberg - Home of FOSSGIS2011

FOSSGIS2011 in Heidelberg was a great success for the QGIS project and for me personally. The audience was really impressed by Marco’s and Andreas’ presentation on QGIS Mapserver and GeoExt Web Client. My presentation on Time Manager for QGIS was followed by a series of interesting questions and comments concerning use cases in e.g. land use mapping. Requested features include support for raster layers and support for timestamps before year 19xx.
I’ll be posting an English version of the Time Manager presentation including some additional comments here soon.

  1. Hi Anita, I finally didn’t have time to start implementing anything “rastery” for time manager during my master… but from may I should have a bit more time… do you have any ideas yet? the data loader from the multiview plugin already deals with importing temporal files and it can work independently from multiview.

    • underdark said:

      Hi Marco,

      Nice to hear from you. I have been thinking about how to best solve raster integration into Time Manager, but I haven’t really found what would be the best way to handle them. Any recommendations/ideas welcome!
      Maybe we can find some time at the user meeting in Switzerland to discuss further development.

      Best wishes,

      • yep lets do that… anyway until next friday i’m locked up in front of Latex… :(

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