Expression-based Labeling for QGIS

The latest development build version of QGIS contain a great new feature: Expression-based labeling, brought to you by Nathan.

QGIS new labeling dialog is extended by a new expression builder that facilitates building your own expressions using layer attributes together with various functions for data manipulation:

expression builder with function help

Thanks to it’s preview ability, it is easy to see how changes affect the final label output:

combine fields and follow changes in preview

For an in depth introduction into this new feature, check Nathan’s blog and enjoy!

  1. pat ambcan said:

    Hi qGIS people, This is just awesome progress !

  2. Edward said:

    To anyone that is stuck trying to find these settings:

    Open the new layers dialogue from the Layer Menu > Labelling. Then click on the ‘…’ icon next to the column drop down box at the top.

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