More Color Ramps for QGIS

Colorbrewer is a great resource for visually pleasing gradients that can be used for mapping. It was already possible to use color brewer ramps in QGIS but it was necessary to create the ramp with the final number of classes in mind.

Creating a Colobrewer ramp

That’s why I sat down and created continuous ramps from the Colorbrewer data:

Colorbrewer Ramps in QGIS Style Manager

If you want to use them, just import the following XML file into QGIS Style Manager:

For a big selection of point, line and polygon styles check “QGIS symbology set” by S.S. Rebelious.

  1. Bravo! Great work and thanks for sharing.

  2. Howard Yamaguchi said:

    Thank you! They are beautiful!

  3. radek said:

    Fantastic work, thank you!

  4. Lionel said:

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Brian said:

    Woohoo! That made my day

  6. Ryan Dalton said:

    That’s great! Thanks so much.

  7. Another great post Anita! Why not put these into core?



    • underdark said:

      Hi Tim,
      Martin Dobias already added them to core if I’m not mistaken.
      Best wishes,

  8. Gerardo Jiménez said:

    this could be the most stupid question. I was able to load the xml…now how can use the ramps? When I load a DEM I only have gray scale , pseudocolor, freakout and color map. I tried to use “load style”, but it asks me for a *.qml file. I am stupidily lost..
    Thanks before hand


    • underdark said:

      Hi Gerardo,
      These ramps are usable for vector layers only. For rasters there is a very useful plugin for creating raster color tables called “1-Band Raster Color Table”

      • Gerardo Jiménez said:

        thanks for the advice!

  9. Gerardo Jimenez said:

    Me again,
    Just to let you know that “1 Band raster color table” plugin does not work in Qgis 1.7. The plugin installer warns that works up to 1.6, I installed it on a 1.7 machine and it crashes. Tested in my other installs and the same.



  10. Great ramps! Will definitely put those to use.

    Playing with custom .svg symbols. I’ve used this tutorial
    which allows the symbol color to be changed within QGIS. However I was really looking to apply color ramps to them. Any chance of directing me to where I can get more info to make this happen?


    • Interesting idea! I’ve tried to apply color ramps to SVG symbols but it doesn’t seem to work. This issue should be reported.

  11. Kurt said:

    Hi underdark,

    I downloaded your file colorbrewer_symbols.xml. when I go into the stylemanager , click the color-ramp tab and then click the import-button I get an error-message: “An error occured during import: Could not parse the style file”

    Any hints, what I am doing wrong? I am using qgis 1.74 running on windows 64 bit.

    thank you very much


    • Kurt said:

      problem solved: my downloaded file was corrupted. Downloaded it again. now it works like a charm :-)



  12. chris said:

    is it possible to reverse the order of a color ramp created with ColorBrewer?

    • I don’t think that’s currently possible (in 1.8.0). I think something like that has been added in the developer version.

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