Google Road Symbols for QGIS

It’s Dec, 23rd and this is my early present to the QGIS community: a package of ready-to-use road symbols that make your OpenStreetMap data look like Google Maps.

In a previous post, I did already show how to prepare a view that will help get similar looking road labels. And now, here are the necessary symbols: osm_symbols.xml (Load using “Style Manager”.)

Now, you should have all necessary symbols available to create the style. I used the following rules to get the map shown above:

rules for "Google Maps" style

You can download the style here: v_osm_roads_style.qml

Merry Christmas!

OSM styled like "Google Maps"

PS: For water and natural areas, I used Cloudmade’s natural.shp

  1. Sylvanus said:

    The import of osm_symbols.xml fail in QGIS 1.8.0

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