Mapping QGIS Users

For “QGIS Users Around the World” Gary Sherman collected and geocoded a few weeks of accesses to the plugin repositories. This map is my first attempt at mapping the data for use in QGIS publications:

Considering the coarse resolution of geocoded IP addresses, I’ve decided to count the number of unique IP addresses within each area (5×5 degrees). We can make out a lot of activity in Europe, Japan, Brazil and the US. The high number of accesses from the US mid west are due to IPs being mapped to country-level only.

I would love to hear your feedback on this one!

  1. Beautiful map as always Anita! Thanks for the great post.


    • underdark said:

      Thanks Tim!
      Any ideas for “must have” information on a QGIS poster?

  2. Brad Hards said:

    The data in the middle of countries looks strange and is misleading, even with the notes. Maybe if the IP only resolves to country level, then spread that access over all cells / regions in the country?

    Looks like something strange around Geelong (West of Melbourne, Australia).

    • underdark said:

      You are right that the country-level points might be misleading. I wouldn’t want to disperse them over the whole country either though. That would ruin the impression in countries like Russia I think. Guess I’ll just remove them. Thank you for your feedback!

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