New Download: Osm2po Style

Please read the new instructions for QGIS 2.

I’ve added a new style for osm2po layers to the QGIS Resources Github repo. It contains the following rules:

the rules

and looks like this:

the map


  1. JT said:

    Ah, wonderful! Thanks for sharing this resource! I will be trying it shortly.

  2. Very good. Thank you!

  3. pvanb said:

    Hi, first of all, thanks a lot for sharing this. I have two questions:

    What did you use for the elements other then the roads (natural areas, railways, water)? They are not included in the layer imported using osm2po (data from Cloudmade).

    How do you define the road labeling (at what scale, the size, etc)?

    • underdark said:

      The other map elements are done using Shapefile exports of OSM data from Cloudmade. For labels, I use 8pt Arial with a 0.5mm buffer. Label placement is “curved” and “on line”. No scale limits are set in label settings.

      • pvanb said:

        Ah, thanks. I am probably overlooking something obvious, but even without having labels defined, the layer does show road names for the primary roads (and perhaps highways, the area, Kenya, I am working with has not highways). Where is that defined?

  4. pvanb said:

    Ah, I did indeed overlook something. If you define labels in this new expression label plugin, these labels get included in the style when you save the style.

    Thanks for the explanation

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