Glowing Hot Maps – QGIS Meets Gimp

Waiting time is over, Gimp 2.8 is finally here. That is reason enough to take it for a quick test run!

How about a new look for the QGIS user map?

This “glowing hot” map was made using the Gimp filter of the same name:

For the user point layer, I selected a simple point style with high transparency and separately exported land and user points from print composer.

user points as exported from QGIS

In Gimp, I applied the “glowing hot” filter to the user points and combined the layers. The trick here is to first use “Color to alpha” on the user point layer and turn black to transparent. This way, the “glowing hot” filter will only be applied to the remaining points.

Gimp 2.8 RC1 is close enough to the previous version to get comfortable fast. I like the single-window mode even if it’s hard to tell which part of the GUI has the focus sometimes.

Open source GIS and image editing for a perfect work flow.

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  1. Irantzu Alvarez said:

    Dear Anita,
    Thank ypu very much for all your advices. I am trying to to a “Glowing point map” using Gimp and QGIS but I don’t know in which format do you exoirt the image or what values do you use to do the Glowing efecct. Thanks a lot, Irantzu

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