Print Composer 2.0 – Take #1

This is the first post in a series dedicated solely to Print Composer in QGIS 2.0 which you can already admire in recent nightly builds.

Guide lines & snapping for user-friendly map element arrangement

Arranging map elements has never been easier: Elements can be moved as freely as before but now they will automatically try to align with other elements on the page or the page borders. Additional red guide lines help interpret the snapping behavior.


  1. n1kn0k said:

    Very nice! Did you notice that when using SVG fill layer type, you don’t get the full image of the SVG in your legend items ?

    • I haven’t tested SVG fills yet. Please report the behavior if you think it’s a bug.

  2. Henrik said:

    This looks amazing. Have the issue with exporting text to svg (the textsize changes when exporting) been fixed so its doesn’t screw up the layout?

  3. anja said:

    This looks like a great chance to create nice maps. But which version of QGIS do you use? My print composer looks completely different. How can I get the new release?

    • I have the same question! I have 1.8 installed, though synaptic tells me it’s 1.9…I added the nightly build repository and it’s still not seeming to want to upgrade to 1.9, certainly not 2.0.

      I want it! I want it! I want it! But how?

      • If you had 1.8 installed, you will most likely have to do a clean uninstall to remove all the old stuff and then make sure you only have the nightly repos before you installing the new version.
        Be aware: MANY PLUGINS DON’T WORK WITH THE NEW VERSION YET! You were warned ;)

    • This series of posts presents features in the upcoming 2.0 release. Installation of the unstable developer version depends on the operating system you use – details on

  4. Phil said:

    I have QGIS 1.8 installed on windows. Apologies in advance for rookie question. I am trying to set up my composer so that I can see the tools which you use – but I cannot see them. I have rummaged around my print composer – none of these are there (my list of icons are the ones that come with a fresh install). I have look around the plugins but do not see any plugins which look like the correct ones.The maps that you make look fantastic.

    • The new tools presented in this series are only available in the current developer version of QGIS which will be released as QGIS 2.0 in June.

  5. vrteach said:

    How do you turn off the guidelines? Or at least not have them print out? I’m using qgis 2.0.1.

    • I tested 2.0.1 (Win7) and the guidelines are not visible in images exported from print composer.

  6. I sort of answered my own question. One can drag the guidelines off the edge. Except that the first one that showed up was one that I actually didn’t make–it was added as I was moving around an image (I was sticking in an interstate shield label). I found that I could not grab and move it, but it did not show up in the copy when I duplicated the composer. I see that there are discussions on how to change the guideline methods in version 2.2.

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