Print Composer 2.0 – Take #2

After yesterday’s first post on guide lines & snapping for user-friendly map element arrangement, we’ll have a look at another great new addition:

Multi-column legends

In the panel on the right, there is a new section called “Columns”. Here we can create multi-column legend layouts by specifying the desired number of columns. Add some spacing too. It will make the result look more balanced.

By default, Print Composer tries to keep all classes of one layer in one column. You can override this behavior – as I did in this example – by ticking “Split Layers”:


Another useful trick is to use text wrapping for long class labels. This option can be found in the legend’s “Main properties” right at the top of the side panel. In this example, I specified wrap on the pipe “|” symbol and inserted this symbol into the longer class names to force a line break:


    • I’m not sure what you mean …

  1. xst said:

    Nice post!! QGIS 2.0 looks amazing. I can’t wait to how it works

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