Print Composer 2.0 – Take #3

After guide lines and multi-column legends, today’s focus is on

Overview maps

Small overview maps are used to help the reader get an idea of where the region displayed on the main map is located. In the new Print Composer, it’s simple to add such overviews: Add the main map as usual. Then add another map object to the composition an go to the “Overview” section. There, you can specify that the second map object should be an overview map for the first one: Just specify “Map 0” in the dropdown list:


  1. Kurt said:

    Looks fantastic! An iideas, when the developer-version will be come the main (stable) version?

  2. Kurt said:

    Thank you for this info. now its clear want to do in the summer holidays

  3. Stefan said:

    Thanks for all your excellent posts (where this one is just one example)! Really inspiring!

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