Print Composer 2.0 – Take #4

Today’s spotlight is on a feature which you’ll really love if you have to arrange a little more text on a print layout:

HTML labels

Regular labels are limited to one font, size and color. With the new “Render as HTML” option, you gain flexibility to use HTML tags to style your text by adding headers, lists and even images (note the QGIS logo I added by pointing to the image online):


  1. Doug Newcomb said:

    Is this Basic html or is CSS included

    • Good question! I tried this and it worked well – resulted in red and green text:

      * { color:#0f0; }
      <h1 style="color:#f00;">hello</h1>
      • Sounds interesting! Wonder what are the use cases for Javascript here. Can you give an example?

  2. Dan Kuida said:

    Is there some availibility dates ? I would rreally test flight it even now at its state

    • If you mean QGIS 2, you can download the latest version – depending on your operating system – from If you mean the TimeManger: Just enable experimental plugins and it should be listed in the available plugins.

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