Print Composer 2.0 – Take #5

This fifth part in my series on QGIS 2.0 Print Composer presents

Map grids

There are numerous different options for map grids in the new composer but a picture is worth a thousand words:


The upper-left map features a zebra frame style and coordinate labels aligned horizontally and vertically.

The upper-right map shows a normal frame with labels written inside the frame instead of outside. This grid shows an additional offset.

The lower-left map has no frame but customized, colored and dashed grid lines.

Finally, the lower-right map shows a cross grid with default horizontal coordinate labels.

  1. carlos said:

    Thank you, your example made my day.

  2. I always read your tips on qgis. I am not able to edit (make changes) in a esri database file. please guide me.

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