Happy new year!

and thank you for a great 2013!

It has been a very busy year between writing my first book, going to FOSS4G, writing my first journal article and continuing to write this blog. The blog view counter shows a staggering 310,000 views for 2013.

The most popular posts of 2013 were:

  1. pgRouting 2.0 for Windows quick guide
  2. Vintage map design using QGIS
  3. Group Stats tutorial
  4. the Print Composer 2.0 series
  5. and Public transport isochrones with pgRouting

All the best for 2014!

  1. Happy new year

  2. Howard Yamaguchi said:

    Please keep up the good work, Anita!

  3. I bought your book on QGIS and really liked it. What’s next for 2014? I would love to see a book or online tutorial on how to write plugins for QGIS from you!
    –data scientist from Switzerland

      • Thanks for the pointer. I got that book (pre-release) as well.

      • Also, I would like to contribute to your Time Manager plugin. I would like to add support for timestamps (the number of seconds or milliseconds past the epoch) because I use this time format at work a lot. And then one could easily adjust the time zone with the offset in seconds. Is there any reason only text formats are supported in Time Manager? I would like to undertake the project of parsing timestamps and possible add timezone support (issue #33). I have a lot of experience with the intricacies of python date format. My email is carolinegr@gmail.com and I have a github. Should I fork? How do I contribute?

      • Great! Please go ahead and fork. I would appreciate your input.
        Best wishes,

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