Releasing TimeManager 1.2

Today, I’ve released TimeManager 1.2 which adds support for additional time formats: DD.MM.YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY, and DD-MM-YYYY (thanks to a pull request by vmora) as well as French translation (thanks to bbouteilles).

TimeManager now automatically detects formats such as DD.MM.YYYY

TimeManager now automatically detects formats such as DD.MM.YYYY

But there is more: the QGIS team has released a bugfix version 2.6.1 which you can already find in Ubuntu repos and the OSGeo4W installer. Go get it! And please support the bugfix release effort whenever you can.

  1. Nicole said:

    I have a question concerning time manager: Currently I am working with a very large dataset and hence due not use the “export video” funktion in time manager (the points to be displayed are queried from a postgresql database and the animation tool jumps to the next frame before the database queries for the dots have finished, resulting in many frames with an empty map) I capture the frames manually as screenshots of the map at each time step and will put them together as a video afterwards using GIMP. I was wondering if it is possible to automate the screenshot-taking in any way (so that screenshots of the fully loaded map are taken at each time step without the user doing it manually)?
    Many thanks

    • Make sure to put an index on the timestamps in your database and increase the seconds a time frame is shown in the TimeManager settings. Then try to use Export Video. There is no other way to automate this afaik. TimeManager should wait for the signal from QGIS that the rendering is finished but obviously this process is not working as expected.

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