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Did you know that there is a version of ColorBrewer that does not require Flash?

Enjoy! Pure Javascript and zero loading times:


So far, QGIS does not come with many default symbols. Quite often one just needs two or three colors that go well together. That’s why I created a series of simple fill symbols based on ColorBrewer. They are available on Github QGIS-resources:

As always, these XMLs can be imported using Style Manager.


Another great addition to QGIS-resources was added this week by user aplannersguide. He shared his styles for osm2pgsql layers:


While this is not a new addition to QGIS anymore – in fact it has been around since 1.4 – I feel it’s not as widely know as it should be: QGIS offers the power of ColorBrewer to create color ramps! And this is how you get to use this power:

All styles: marker, line, fill and color ramps can be accessed via “Style manager”:

In Style Manager you can add, edit and delete styles:

When creating a new color ramp, you get to choose between “Gradient”, “Random” and finally “ColorBrewer” ramp type. (By the way: You can create multi-color color ramps if you choose “Gradient”.)

When creating a ColorBrewer ramp, you can choose from various schemes and define how many colors your ramp should contain:

I love these new ramps and I wish I’d have discovered them sooner :)

Enjoy the power of ColorBrewer and QGIS!

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