New QGIS symbol packages

So far, QGIS does not come with many default symbols. Quite often one just needs two or three colors that go well together. That’s why I created a series of simple fill symbols based on ColorBrewer. They are available on Github QGIS-resources:

As always, these XMLs can be imported using Style Manager.


Another great addition to QGIS-resources was added this week by user aplannersguide. He shared his styles for osm2pgsql layers:


  1. Kurt said:

    Hi Underdark, thanks for the color-schemes.
    Ok, I have successfully imported these styles with Style manager. But now I dont know how to use them, when I have graduated styles .when I have 5 classes,, I need to select each defined color one after ssssanother from the scheme? (Thats what I do at the moment) Or is there a more convient way to select a complete scheme (5 colors) at once???


  2. Kurt said:

    Hi Underdark,
    thank you for that hint. Happy holidays

  3. Thank you for the great work.
    Would it be possible to see them implemented officially in QGIS?

    • Thanks Matteo! Yes, that should be possible. I’ll contact the developers about it.

  4. Thank’s great job, congratulations.

  5. Thanks for the great contribution!


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