QGIS “New SpatiaLite Layer”

14NewLayerOriginally uploaded by linfiniti.com

A new great feature for QGIS 1.5: You can create new layers in SpatiaLite!

Ooop, there’s not even an English Wikipedia article on SpatiaLite … Well, SpatiaLite is the spatial extension for SQLite, like PostGIS is the extension for PostgreSQL. SpatiaLite makes data exchange so much easier. Just copy the database file to some other location and use it there. The database can contain any number of spatial tables, all neatly packaged in one file. No more Shapefiles without .prj or .dbf file. *dream* :)

Also check out Tim’s other latest screenshots: http://www.flickr.com/photos/linfiniti/

Will we really live to see the end of the Shapefile? One can always hope …


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