SpatiaLite Functions Reference

Looking for a complete list of functions supported by SpatiaLite 2.3.1? Here it is: SpatiaLite 2.3.1 – SQL functions reference list This is a great place to get a feeling for just how powerful SpatiaLite is.

One nice convenience function listed is MakePoint(). It’s a nice alternative to GeomFromText as described in SpatiaLite GeomFromText() for Points. The syntax is:
MakePoint( x Double precision , y Double precision , [ , SRID Integer] ) : Geometry

SpatiaLite supports a number of SQL functions that test spatial relationships both on MBRs and actual geometries: Equals, Disjoint, Touches, Within, Overlaps, Crosses, Intersects, Contains, and Relate. Of course you can also calculate distances between geometries. Furthermore, SpatiaLite supports the following spatial operators: Intersection, Difference, Union (called GUnion()), SymDifference, Buffer, and ConvexHull.


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