WFS to PostGIS in 1 Step

This is an update to my previous post “WFS to PostGIS in 3 Steps”. Thanks to Even Rouault’s comments and improvements to GDAL, it is now possible to load Latin1-encoded WFS (like the one by into PostGIS in just one simple step.

To use the following instructions, you’ll have to get the latest GDAL (

You only need to run SDKShell.bat to set up the environment and ogr2ogr is ready for action:

C:\Users\Anita>cd C:\release-1600-gdal-mapserver
C:\release-1600-gdal-mapserver>ogr2ogr -overwrite -f PostgreSQL PG:"user=myuser password=mypassword dbname=wien_ogd" "WFS:"

Thanks everyone for your comments and help!

  1. Regina said:

    Anita, can you tag this one PostGIS. It’s not showing up on postgis feed like it’s related article.

    • Done. Thanks for the reminder :)

  2. Anita, I’ve just tried the ogr2ogr command with a utf-8 based wfs service.
    It works too, so it’s not only latin-1 based wfs services that works

    • Thanks. Actually, I was aware that UTF8-encoded services already did work. The new thing is that Latin1-encoded services work too :)

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