Vienna elevation model

Since I finally managed to download the elevation model of the city of Vienna, I thought I’d share some eye candy with you: The map uses layer blending to combine hillshade and elevation raster, and the elevation raster’s color ramp is a modified “garish14” from QGIS’ cpt-city color ramp collection.

wien_elevation by underdarkGIS
wien_elevation, a photo by underdarkGIS on Flickr.


Here is how you get access to the “garish14” color ramp:

Start by selecting the "new color ramp" option in the raster's style window.

Start by selecting the “new color ramp” option in the raster’s style window.

Chose the "cpt-city" color ramp type.

Chose the “cpt-city” color ramp type.

In the "cpt-city color ramp" window, you will find lots of different premade color ramps. "garish14" is part of the "Topography" collection.

In the “cpt-city color ramp” window, you will find lots of different premade color ramps. “garish14” is part of the “Topography” collection.

  1. I fcuking love this LIDAR data (isn’t it?)
    Some flow accumulation would be interesting, looking at the highways visible in the DEM ;-)

    • Hi Riccardo,
      I’m currently trying to get Metadata from the data provider but it’s holiday season so might take a while.

  2. Kurt said:

    Very impressive! Can you make the data available for download? As far as I know the data are available for download only in small chunks..

  3. Nice! A wish aside: please unhide the color ramps in QGIS 2 from “cpt-city” (whatever that means) to a prominent place in the color manager)… thanks!

    • Hi Markus,
      I’ve updated the post to include instructions for how to create this color ramp.

      • Thanks much!

      • HI Anita. I can’t find cpt-city on my Osgeo4w build QGIS (7507cfc), i.e. the Color Ramp dialog box is empty. any news for me? thanks in advance

      • Sounds like a bug. Please report it.

  4. Christophe said:

    Hello! I’m trying to download the data but I obtain only a 4 points layer… from the shp or from the GeoJSon protocole, same 4 points…
    What’s wrong?

    Thanks a lot anyway! I’m a student and I have to realize a 7 maps Atlas about Wien, you helped me a lot. ;)

    • If you check the requests, you will notice that the examples state “maxfeatures=5”. You have to change this setting. Also, please note that the data provider enforces a feature limit of 300,000 features per request. In my experience though, the limit for successful requests is even lower. So you can only download small areas at a time.

      If you want to use the data for general mapping only, I suggest to look into the EU-DEM dataset provided by the EEA. It’s easy to download as a raster for big areas of Europe.

      • Christophe said:

        I actually would like to obtain this data to realize a bike hardship map…
        so i need precise data…

  5. Kurt said:

    @underdark: Where can I download the EU-DEM. could you please post the url/website?

  6. Frank said:

    Hallo Anita.

    Hab gerade erst angefangen mich mit gis zu beschäftigen. Mein Frage wäre, wie, und welche der
    WFS links der Stadt Wien du benutzt hast.


      • Frank said:

        Hallo Anita!

        Ich habe versucht über den Link:

        Daten zu extrahieren.

        ist es möglich eine Bounding Box wie beim WMS Link zu definieren? :




        um zu kontrollieren aus welchem bereich Punkte angefordert werden?

        Beste Dank im Vorraus!

      • A bounding box request should look like this:,48.25,16.4,48.3,EPSG:4326

      • Tobias said:

        Is the source of the Shapefiles still online? All I can find is an .asc raster file on the website behind your link.

      • They replaced the link to the WFS service which served a point raster with elevation values with a raster download. At the same time, they reduced the available resolution from 5 to 10 meters pixel/cell size. I’m planning to make the old 5 meter data available in the near future.

        Update: The WFS GetCapabilities still advertises the elevation dataset. Maybe it’s still possible to get it.

  7. Frank said:

    Vielen Dank!

  8. akismet-e1cc39b0d224b9bda7d5626a8731f5cc said:

    Can you please explain why your map is smoother? Is the elevation raster at a higher resolution or did you use additional information? What do you mean by hillshade?

    • Yes, the 5 meter open government dataset is of higher resolution than the 90 meter SRTM data …

      @hillshade: not sure if you have a specific question in mind but please check

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