5 meter elevation model of Vienna published

A while ago I wrote about the 5 meter elevation model of the city of Vienna. In the meantime the 5 meter model has been replaced by a 10 meter version.

For future reference, I’ve therefore published the 5 meter version on opendataportal.at.

details from the Viennese elevation model

details of the Viennese elevation model

I’ve been using the dataset to compare it to EU-DEM and NASA SRTM for energy estimation:
A. Graser, J. Asamer, M. Dragaschnig: “How to Reduce Range Anxiety? The Impact of Digital Elevation Model Quality on Energy Estimates for Electric Vehicles” (2014).

I hope someone else will find it useful as well because assembling the whole elevation model was quite a challenge.

mosaicking the rasterized WFS responses

mosaicking the rasterized WFS responses

  1. root676 said:

    Thank you for publishing this 5m elevation raster-dataset!
    I tried to mosaik the WFS output together myself, but after 20 downloads, I was thrown back due to a server error… :-/

  2. Hi Anita,

    As you’ve used the data from Vienna quite a bit I wonder if you’ve come across data delineating the Danube within the city. Their WFS seems to be temporarily down.


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