MovingPandas v0.13 & v0.14 released!

December has been busy with two new MovingPandas releases: v0.13 and v0.14.

The latest v0.14 release is now available from conda-forge.

These releases are a huge step forward towards making MovingPandas easier to install with fewer mandatory dependencies. All interactive plotting libraries are now optional. So if you are using MovingPandas for trajectory data processing in the background and don’t need the interactive visualization features, the number of necessary libraries is now much lower. This (and the fact that GeoPandas is now shipped with OSGeo4W) will also make it easier to use MovingPandas in QGIS plugins.

New features:

  • #268 New add_angular_difference method

Includes fixes and enhancements for:

  • #267 Improved documentation: direction values are [0, 360)

Behind the scenes:

As always, all tutorials are available from the movingpandas-examples repository and on MyBinder:

If you have questions about using MovingPandas or just want to discuss new ideas, you’re welcome to join our discussion forum.


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