Video tutorial: animated heatmaps with QGIS

Do you like the QGIS heatmap functionality? Did you know that QGIS can also create animated heatmaps?

The following video tutorial shows all necessary steps. To reproduce it, you can get the sample data from my Time Manager workshop at #QGIS2015.

  1. thank you for this tutorial it is very helpful.

    I would like to ask if it can saved as GIF or some format so that it can be played in a powerpoint presentation?


    • I’d recommend exporting the image series and using Windows Movie Maker to save a wmv to embed in Powerpoint.

  2. Ferran Ferrer said:

    Hi, thanks for the tutorial.
    I’m wondering if this pluggin can be linked to QGistoLeaf to create an animated web map.

    thanks in advance.

    • As far as I know, Qgis2leaf/Qgis2web don’t support any TimeManager settings but there is some support by Lizmap. We’re thinking of implementing a web export directly in Time Manager as well but there are no real plans yet.

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