Exploring Mobility Data Using Time Manager

Data from various vehicles is collected for many purposes in cities worldwide. To get a feeling for just how much data is available, I created the following video using QGIS Time Manager which has been shown at the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts “MADE 4 YOU – Design for Change”. It shows one hour of taxi tracks in the city of Vienna:

If you like the video, please go to http://www.ertico.com/2012-its-video-competition-open-vote and vote for it in the category “Videos directed at the general public”.

  1. N. Guizani said:

    I was wondering if you could share some kind of schema for the data that you used. Seeing as I want to create a similar structure.

    • The only data needed for this kind of animation are geometry and timestamp (+ optional tags to mark e.g. “this is the starting point of a track”). Not much of a schema there :)

  2. Brian said:

    very cool. I have been playing around a bit with it to do something similar but was having some issues this making it display as your did. So for more GPS tracks the plus can be every second or more. Did you remove some data? Also what time frame size did you use? I see the video output is a series of .png files. did you then us a video editor program to stitch these together? Also my points do not stay on after they have been displayed. is there a way to make them stay on like yours to build the bread crumb lines? O and one last thing the tag for end of the track. does this just need to any value in a column that would indicate a end? 0/1?
    cheers and thank you

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